The first Stakeholder Consultation in Rovaniemi

Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland (Photo: GRID-Arendal)Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland (Photo: GRID-Arendal)

As a part of the assessment work of the EU Arctic Impact Assessment (EUAIA), some 60 stakeholders mainly from Lapland and other parts of Finland but also from the Northern Fennoscandia and from international organizations will gather at the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi, this week, on the 3rd of October, with the aim at compiling different perspectives on Arctic developments and EU's role in the Arctic. A general discussion on Arctic change will be followed by focused workshops. The themes cover important trends and developments that are changing the Arctic today, with focus given this time to terrestrial issues: climate change, mining, land use pressures and socio-cultural changes.

In workshops the stakeholders will discuss critical factors for EU decision-making in the Arctic and brainstorm recommendations. The project has produced factsheet on various themes related to the Arctic, which will serve as background for dialogue with stakeholders.
This is the first of two stakeholder consultation meetings organized within the project'. Second meeting, focusing on maritime developments, will be held in Tromsø on 22 January. In addition, the input from stakeholders is collected via the project website.

During 2014, the results from the preparatory project 'Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic', including the EU Arctic Impact Assessment Report – will be handed over to the European Commission and published.

More information:
Director of the Arctic Centre, professor Paula Kankaanpää
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+358 40 7777825

Researcher Adam Stepien, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
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+359 40 4844298


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