Project Description

The aim of the Preparatory Action project is to create an efficient application of science-based information and its fulfillment with views and perspectives of stakeholders both inside and outside of the Arctic. The work is based on the wide participation of leading communication and research centres as well as the direct involvement of the EU policy- and decision makers, regional and local stakeholders in the project processes.

This project provides an opportunity to:

  • Increase awareness, understanding and knowledge about the Arctic and its changing political, socio-economic and environmental landscape
  • Comprehend the impact of the EU policies on the future of the Arctic region
  • Participate in and benefit from multidimensional dialogue and information exchange between the EU and civil society
  • Test the effectiveness and sustainability of the network and assess the European Union Arctic Information Centre initiative

Overview of the goals
The aim of the project is to establish dialogues and a true application of information and knowledge for sustainable development in the Arctic. This is achieved by identifying and accumulating relevant high quality scientific information and data in applicable formats and by securing stakeholders' ownership and inclusion in the project. Therefore the aim is to bridge Arctic knowledge into action.

The feasibility of this approach can be tested and demonstrated by implementing an integrated impact assessment through a consultancy process based on a compilation and integration of already existing information and data. The project will identify the users' needs, assess if scientific and policy information is relevant and legitimate for its users, and if not, recommend how to improve the processes in order to produce the required information.

Efficient use of information is central for the implementation of sustainable development. By distributing the information efficiently and engaging different interest groups in the production of knowledge, the knowledge base of decisions can be enhanced. At the same time awareness, understanding and trust towards different perspectives and values is increased, which can also increase the acceptance of certain decisions.

This project is not aiming at new research. Instead, the goal is to compile the existing latest information related to impacts on development in the Arctic into popularized formats, use it in consultation meetings and prepare reports from the results of the consultations followed by recommendations.

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