WP 4 - Project Management

Project Manager: Kamil Jagodzinski, Arctic Centre

Work Package 4 - Project Management supports the implementation of the scheduled activities and contributes to achieving the objectives of the project. The process of project management and coordination of the network is designed to ensure timely and effective implementation according to the given budget.

All activities are led by Kamil Jagodzinski, Arctic Centre, executed by Implementation Group, and Steering Group, and supported by all partners.


4.1. The Kick-off meeting in Rovaniemi
4.2. Project monitoring (SG meetings)
4.3. The project's daily management incl. Network meetings
4.4. Project evaluation
4.5. Auditing
4.6. Project reporting (Interim & Final)
4.7. Project closing

D.4.1. Documented processes and decisions of the Kick-off meeting
D.4.2. Documented processes and decisions of 4 Steering Group meetings
D.4.3. Documented processes of project daily management incl. three Network meetings
D.4.4. Interim Report (incl. audit statement)
D.4.5. Evaluation report (incl. internal progress evaluation part and external evaluation)
D.4.6. Final Report (incl. audit statement)

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