The project is carried out by a network of 19 leading Arctic research and communication centres and universities led by Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland.

The operational core of the project is Implementation Group (IG) of 4 experts (Project Leader, Senior Communication Expert, Senior Impact Assessment Expert, Project Manager) serving as the ultimate decision-making body at the executive level. Each expert is responsible for a separate Work Package and Team assigned:

WP 1 EU Arctic Information Centre Feasibility Study – Project Leader
WP 2 Impact Assessment Process – Senior Impact Assessment Expert
WP 3 Outreach & Communication – Senior Communication Expert
WP 4 Project Management – Project Manager

Implementation Group is supported by Steering Group (SG) that monitors the implementation of the project plan and controls the operation in accordance with the Service Contract. SG ensures the availability of broad expertise and therefore contributes to the overall success and high quality of the intervention.

The organization chart shows the structure of the project.


Steering Group 

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