WP 2 - Impact Assessment

Senior Impact Assessment Expert: Timo Koivurova, Arctic Centre
Assessment Expert: Adam Stepien, Arctic Centre

Work Package 2 - Impact Assessment will assess the chosen impacts of development in the Arctic and of EU policies affecting the Arctic region and provide information on such impacts for use by decision- and policy-makers including the role of impact assessments.

The Work Package will also aim at strengthening information exchange between EU institutions and Arctic stakeholders, including civil society, and contribute to the assessment activities of the Arctic Council.

Main activities

2.1. Developing Preparatory Action Impact Assessment Methodology & Report
Led by Timo Koivurova & Adam Stepien, Arctic Centre and implemented by Ecologic Institute, GRID-Arendal, Ecorys, Tromsø Centre of Remote Sensing, Fram Centre.

2.2. Carrying out impact assessment process

2.2.1 - Assessing defined impacts – developing Factsheets
Led by Jean-Claude Gascard, Pierre and Marie Curie University and supported by Arctic Centre, Thule Institute - UArctic Thematic Networks, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Arctic Centre - University of Groningen, Committee on Polar Research - Polish Academy of Science, Ecorys, Fram Centre; Tromsø Centre of Remote Sensing and GRID-Arendal.

2.2.2 – Carrying out Stakeholders consultations
Led by Peter Prokosh, GRID-Arendal and supported by Sámi Education Institute, Arctic Centre – University of Lapland, Tromsø Centre of Remote Sensing, International Polar Foundation, Fram Centre and Ecorys.

2.3. Concluding impact assessment process
Led by Timo Koivurova & Adam Stepien, Arctic Centre and supported by Fram Centre.

2.4. Performing Final Workshop in Brussels
Led by Joseph Cheek, International Polar Foundation and supported by all partners.

D.2.1. Impact Assessment Methodology (month 4)
D.2.2. Impact Assessment Methodology Report (month 4)
D.2.3. Factsheets (Political, Economic, Environmental) (month 8)
D.2.4. Stakeholders consultation # 1 in Rovaniemi (month 9)
D.2.5. Stakeholders Recommendation Report #1 incl. matrix (month 12)
D.2.6. Stakeholders consultation # 2 in Tromsø
D.2.7. Stakeholders Recommendation Report #2 incl. matrix (month 15)
D.2.8. EU Arctic Impact Assessment Report (EU AIAR) (month 15)
D.2.9. Impact Assessment in Policy-making Report (IAPR) (month 15)
D.2.10. Final Workshop in Brussels (month 17)

EU Arctic Impact Assessment: Factsheets

Factsheets produced as a part of the EU Arctic Impact Assessment study are primarily designed as a background material for consultations with Arctic stakeholders.

The factsheets:

  • Climate Change in the Arctic
  • Changes in Arctic Maritime Transport
  • Changing Nature of Arctic Fisheries
  • Developing Oil and Gas Resources in Arctic Waters: The Final Frontier?
  • Increasing Land Use Pressures in the European Arctic
  • Mining in the European Arctic and Social
  • Cultural Changes in the European Arctic


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