WP 1 - EU AIC Feasibility Study

Project Leader: Paula Kankaanpää, Arctic Centre

Work Package 1 - EU Arctic Information Centre (EUAIC) Feasibility Study is fundamental for the next steps towards the establishment of the EU-AIC. The gained experiences in this respect will be unique and of the highest value for the EU institutions in figuring out the function of such a network.

WP 1 is designed: to consolidate information on the EU and its Member States' activities in the Arctic; to utilize and test the effectiveness and sustainability of a network of leading communication, policy, research centres and universities specializing in Arctic issues; and to assess the feasibility of establishing an Arctic Information Centre based on this network.

Furthermore, WP1 identifies: potential providers, users of the information in the EU and in the Arctic, needs of the general public regarding information on the Arctic, and gaps in the existing provision of information.

Main activities

1.1. Developing Arctic Initiatives Compendium
Led by Björn Dahlbäck, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and implemented by Scott Polar Research Institute - University of Cambridge, European Polar Board of European Science Foundation, Alfred Wegener Institute, Tromsø Centre of Remote Sensing.

1.2. Performing Gap Analysis
Led by Elizabeth Tedsen, Ecologic Institute and implemented by Sámi Education Institute, National Research Council of Italy, Tromsø Centre of Remote Sensing.

1.3. Network feasibility analysis
Led by Paula Kankaanpää & Kamil Jagodzinski, Arctic Centre and implemented by all partners together with the Steering Group.

1.4. Performing a Workshop in Rovaniemi.
Led by Paula Kankaanpää & Kamil Jagodzinski, Arctic Centre and supported by all partners.

D.1.1. Arctic Initiatives Compendium (month 9)
D.1.2. Gap Analysis Report (month 15)
D.1.3. Network Report (month 15)
D.1.4. Workshop in Rovaniemi, Report of its proceeding (month 16)

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