Network Feasibility Analysis

The report analysed the need for the EU Arctic Information Centre and reflected on the effectiveness and sustainability of the network with a aim of facilitating information exchange between EU institutions, Arctic stakeholders and the general public. The report analysed benefits to the European Union, presented the organization and structure of the Preparatory Action project and illustrates the main activities and delivered results. Furthermore, the report presented a possible overall model of an EU Arctic Information Centre – a tool for contributing to sustainable development in the Arctic.

The proposal indicated the main objectives, goals and tasks, and defined the substance of the model. Potential services and products are presented in detail to illustrate the full capacity of the EUAIC network. The Network Feasibility Analysis also demonstrated the potential of using existing scientific information and practitioners’ knowledge in policy- and decision-making processes. A wide spectrum of options for implementing an EU Arctic Information Centre is presented and described within the report including the alternatives, operational models, management, human resources, and financing sources necessary to implement the proposed EU Arctic Information Centre.

A summary of past and present steps taken by the EUAIC network, and recommendations regarding the next steps towards the establishment of the EUAIC are made as requested in the tender specifications.


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