Strategic Environment Impact Assessment of Development of the Arctic

Rapid development of the Arctic, as well as the challenges and opportunities that it brings, demand an effective use of science-based
information, influential and fast reactions from the decision- and policy-makers as well as pro-active work by relevant communication and
research centres. The greatest challenges to our common future have to be addressed in advance by those who will tackle them.

The STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE ARCTIC focusing on seven main trends provides (i) key messages regarding
the development of the Arctic regions, (ii) suggestions for future development of the EU Arctic policy framework, and (iii) key thematic
findings and recommendations regarding the EU policies affecting the Arctic.

The ASSESSMENTS IN POLICY-MAKING: CASE STUDIES FROM THE ARCTIC COUNCIL presents tools for increasing the quality of
decisions and policies regarding the Arctic, and described cases from the Arctic Council.
EUROPEAN ARCTIC INITIATIVES COMPENDIUM serves as an inventory of current initiatives, projects and policies of significance to the

GAP ANALYSIS defines what policy-makers need to know about the Arctic, where that information is located, and how can it be made

NETWORK FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS presents potential services and products provided for the use of the European Union by the EU Arctic
Information Centre.

The Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic (12/2012 – 6/2014) was a Preparatory Action project
financed by DG Environment of the European Commission. The project was carried out by a network of 19 leading Arctic research and
communication centres and universities in Europe with extensive activities in and knowledge of the Arctic.


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