Climate Change in the Arctic

This factsheet has been drafted as a basis for consultations with stakeholders within the EU Arctic Impact Assessment. The final report will be available in Spring 2014, and will constitute an outcome of developing the content of this factsheet partly in the light of input from stakeholders.

The Arctic is the most rapidly changing climate region on Earth. There is clear evidence of change that has already occurred due human activities. These affect the fundamentals of Arctic ecosystems and the lives of Arctic peoples. The Arctic is a particularly fragile region where strong ecosystem feedbacks accelerate changes compared with other regions - an effect called "Arctic amplification". Changes in the Arctic ecosystem dynamics have global consequences. 

This factsheets discusses:

  • Main trends from a rapidly warming Arctic (with a European perspective)
  • Global drivers of the change
  • Impacts of changing climate for biodiversity, traditional activities, global and European economy
  • Main governance structures for mitigation and adaptation
  • Relevant EU policies 

 Please note: Figure 2 on page 3: Source: US National Sea and Ice Data Centre at


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