European Arctic Initiatives Compendium published

The European Arctic Initiatives Compendium has now been published. The compendium, which is part of work package one of the project, compiles flagship inititatives undertaken in the Arctic regions by member states and actors operating within states belonging to the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). It aims to assist in an Arctic Information Centre feasibility study; to provide a window into Arctic initiatives that may inform the European Arctic Impact Assessment (EUAIA) which forms part of the Preparatory Action; and to inform the European Commission on European Arctic Inititatives. The Compendium provides an overview of existing inventories and reports before proceeding to detail European infrastructural and institutional initiatives in the Arctic. The compendium documents major strategic processes initiated by European bodies in the Arctic. It also outlines initiatives related to monitoring and assessment as well as commercial development.

European Arctic Initiatives Compendium


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