Iceland: Assessment of the status of EU accession negotiations

Hvítserkur, Iceland (source: Getty Image) Hvítserkur, Iceland (source: Getty Image) Having been tasked by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in October last year to produce a report on the assessment of the status of accession negotiations between Iceland and the European Union and developments within the EU, the Institute of Economic Studies at the University of Iceland has now delivered its findings. In the Institute‘s report the main emphasis is on the period since the summer of 2009, when Iceland applied to become a candidate for EU membership, and it focuses on legal, instutitional and economic developments in the European Union.

The report is organsied in four main parts and in each of these highlight future prospects in each area, especially with regard to fisheries policy and agriculture policies. The parts are as follows:

A. The status of the accession negotiations between Iceland and the EU

B. Legal and institutional developments within the EU

C. State of play and future prospects in the EU‘s economy

D. Summary findings

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has had the Summary Findings translated (read here). The main report is currently being translated in English and will be made available as soon as possible. Original versions (in Icelandic) can be downloaded here

Source: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland

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