The Seventh International WMO Data Assimilation Symposium
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09.11.2017 - 09.15.2017
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In the Symposium the state of the art of data assimilation for weather and climate prediction will be presented. The aim of the Symposium is to gather a worldwide representation of well established scientists as well as early career scientists to create opportunities of discussion, to establish common areas of interest and future mutual collaborations to advance data assimilation.

Data assimilation themes include advancing assimilation methodologies and ensemble data assimilation methods; assessment of model and assimilation systems uncertainties; data assimilation performance assessment and diagnostic tools used; couple-state (atmosphere/ocean, atmosphere/land, atmosphere/cryosphere) data assimilation methodology; polar and tropical data assimilation issues and solvers; impact assessment of the observations used and observations needed in the future; representation of high-impact weather phenomena from tropical cyclones to urban smog; convective scale data assimilation methodology and observations; assimilation of different atmospheric constituents.

Themes in summary:

- Global and Regional Atmospheric
- Convective Scale
- Atmospheric Constituent
- Coupled
- Global and Regional Ocean
- Assimilation of Observations to Represent the Land Surface Evolution
- Assimilation of Space-Based Remote Sensing, Ground-Based Remote Sensing and in Situ Observations
- Methodology
- Assimilation System Performance Diagnostic

More info - http://www.cptec.inpe.br/das2017/#home


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