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10.11.2018 - 10.13.2018
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Department of Anthropology and Ethnology Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research are pleased to announce II Tomsk Anthropological Forum - TAF-2 entitled ‘ANTHROPOLOGY OF INTERDISCIPLINARITY’ to be held on 11-13 October 2018 in the city of Tomsk, Russia.

The TAF-2 will discuss a wide range of issues associated with the phenomenon of interdisciplinarity, anthropological approaches to its analysis and its use in anthropological studies. We seek to stimulate professional dialogue among colleagues on topics such as migration, indigenous and archaeological research in contemporary social and political processes, as well as the anthropology of outer space. Just like the TAF-1 held in 2016, this Forum promises to be a bright event in the intellectual life of the anthropology community.

Forum’s thematic symposia

Symposium 1. Migrations, diasporas, transnationalism
Migration in Russia and globally is becoming an increasingly complex and multifaceted phenomenon. New migratory routes and patterns of migration are emerging, migrants are exploring new territories and occupations, integration processes are growing in importance, family immigration is on the rise, and generations of migrants replace one another. Understanding these processes requires new research and new theoretical approaches along with cooperation between different sciences. At the symposium, we plan to look into conceptual tools which are currently used to describe migration, including in the post-Soviet space, and to revisit some of the approaches, themes, and methods considered to be essential for the understanding of migration today.

Moderators: Sergey N. Abashin (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Sergey V. Ryazantsev (Moscow, Russia), Oleg V. Korneev (Paris, France),
Discussants: Viktor I. Dyatlov (Irkutsk, Russia), Emil Nasritdinov (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

Symposium 2. The ethnography of outer space exploration
The symposium will discuss current theoretical and practical questions in the anthropology of outer space and will explore the history of this field going back to the first deep space researchers (with the focus being placed on social history and ethnography of scientific activity of research teams that dealt with the task of space exploration in the USSR, USA, Europe, and Asia) who shared one common (anthropological) characteristic, namely, complete dedication to the cause and enthusiasm.

Moderator: Irina G. Popravko (Tomsk, Russia)
Discussant: Ivan Tchalakov (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

Symposium 3. Indigenous studies in and of Northern and Central Asia
More and more researchers are confronted with the phenomenon of ‘national ethnographies’ which seem to exist in parallel worlds. These ‘ethnographies’ are written not just in different natural languages but in different scientific languages too and – as it sometimes seems – with little hope for or attempt at any crossover. By discussing some pressing issues in indigenous studies in Northern and Central Asia, with a number of international experts involved, we would like to initiate a conversation between researchers working within the emic and etic paradigms and to make a step forward toward rethinking the problem of interdisciplinarity in this area of scholarly inquiry.

Moderator: Dmitry A. Funk (Moscow, Russia)
Discussant: Peter Schweitzer (Vienna, Austria)

Symposium 4. Archaeology, power, and society
We are interested in elaborating on the analysis of mechanisms of and reasons behind the mythologisation of the pre-history period and of archaeological heritage, as well as on the problem of archaeological data being used to create ethno-historical myths. Particular attention is to be paid to the relationship between archaeology and nationalism at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, the repatriation of archaeological finds and remains, analysis of the image of the past being created and used as a resource, and the link between archaeology and politics, including archaeological heritage preservation during military conflicts.

Moderator: Olga V. Zaytseva (Tomsk, Russia)
Discussant: Viktor A. Shnirelman (Moscow, Russia)

Forum’s languages: Russian and English.

Information on funding opportunities available for Forum participants will be provided by the Organising Committee in the second letter to be sent out in due course.

To take part in the Forum, please submit a filled-out application form (attached below) and an abstract of your presentation (up to 300 words) as two separate electronic files in either Russian or English no later than 1 June 2018 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (with the subject line of your email reading ‘TAF-2, application’)

Formatting requirements:
Abstracts should be typed in Times New Roman 14 pt; line spacing 1,5; all margins 2 cm. Please place in the left top corner of a page your name (last name in full plus initials) in bold italics and lower down the page the title of your paper in bold and centred. Do not number pages. Footnotes are given in parentheses in the running text (Last Name year: page number), references are listed in alphabetical order after the text. Abstracts will be selected by the Programme Committee during one month of the deadline for submission based on the criteria of quality and relevance for the Forum’s goals. Selected abstracts will be published before the Forum.

For your information: you can have a look at an overview of I Tomsk Anthropological Forum (2016) posted on the website of TSU Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research http://lsar.tsu.ru/ru.

Yours truly, Organising Committee


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