EU Arctic Impact Assessment: Factsheets

Factsheets produced as a part of the EU Arctic Impact Assessment study are primarily designed as a background material for consultations with Arctic stakeholders. They have been drafted by experts and present a generalized and hopefully straightforward picture of:

  • main trends, drivers and implications of changes in the Arctic,
  • significance of these changes for the European Union,
  • the role of the EU in shaping Arctic change and addressing its implications.

The work on the final EU Arctic Impact Assessment Report (due in Spring 2014) will take factsheets as a point of departure, but will proceed basing on the input from Arctic stakeholders. Stakeholders will influence the direction and focus of the assessment, possibly leading to the discussion on issues and to conclusions very different from those currently found in the factsheets.

The factsheets are also self-standing publications capturing the latest knowledge and understanding of changes occurring in the Arctic. Therefore, also those who would like to gain general information on the region may find them useful.

You are welcome to comment, criticize and make suggestions regarding the content of factsheets and the direction our final report should take - either via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via mailing forms available under each factsheet. Take part in this discussion and influence the work of our experts!

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